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Porlet question- show active projects only for the Assignment object

Question asked by vtleogal on Jan 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2010 by vtleogal
HiI am sorry if this has been posted, but I search all threads with portlet and did not see it.  I have created a portlet based on the Assignment object. The goal is to allow "group" updates on the ETC on tasks that have assignments  [long story why but it is affecting a lot of PMs and slowing them down].Everything looks great, except I can't seem to set it to show Active projects only. I don't know if that is going to require more NSQL, but I don't know NSQL well enough to do that :) there it no Project Active attribute on the assignment object.. any ideas? If NSQL to achieve the same goal, then I would need help :smileyvery-happy:  The portlet showsproject, project id, resource, task, assignment status, ETC, finish date,  The objective allows PMs to filter on all their projects (by PM) or by project name and edit the task to up the ETC for a resource to open up the finish date. Currently, the PMs have to go into every single task to do this   (OWB does not help us much either)  But, the portlet is showing all projects and not just active ones. Anyway to show only active projects?    I have the same issue with the task object (I can't find a way to tie it to active projects, but that might not be as big of a deal, as the PMs will need to address projects invidivually)  Thanks