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Clarity Job - Delete Projects

Question asked by Aarti on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by carlosgrv
The Clarity job - Delete Projects has a description as follows :   "Delete selected projects and their associated data including tasks, timesheets , documents etc."  However, I have an inactive project which I am trying to 'Mark for Deletion' But as soon as I click on Mark for Deletion, I get this error in a red box on top of the screen:    "One or more of the projects selected cannot be deleted because there are submitted time sheets that contain entries for the selected project."   I have seen whatever projects have a purge_flag set to 1 in the system at the moment, dont have any entries in PRTIMEENTRY table.    If a project cannot be marked for deletion unless it has a single timesheet booked, why the job description says it would delete any timesheets.  Please help.