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bulk deletion of custom sub-object instances

Question asked by beekerc2 on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by Sandeeppatil
I'm looking for a way to do a bulk deletion of multiple instances of a custom sub-object.   A GEL script that i'm testing generates a number of instances of a custom project sub-object across multliple projects.   in between testing iterations, I need to wipe the instances out.    The only way I know of now, is to delete them via the sub-object's list view within each project, but that only shows me the list of instances within that project.  I created an object based portlet, based on that sub-object, which shows all the instances at the global level, but the check box and delete button are not available to object portlets.  I tried using the delete="true" tag in a XOG, but that didn't.  The last thing i'm left with is wiping them out in the odf_ca_ table.   Normally, manipulating data in the back-end is a no-no, but you all know that it's not an absolute rule.   Can anyone think of any reason why deleting instances of a custom sub-object would cause any problems?   nothing is linked to it.   there are no objects sub- to this sub-object.   there are no initiated processes against any of the instances.   auto numbering and system ID are unaffected because we're deleting, not adding.      I've worked with Clarity since 7.5 and have done a lot of things directly to the database (with the blessings, or at the direction, of SE's or tech support), especially with regard to custom (sub-)objects, but I haven't gone down the deletion path before.  ThanksB