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Financial transaction issue. Need help please

Question asked by Andreas on Feb 26, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2010 by Connie_Fu
Hello All,  I have a big issue which is very blocking for financial management into Clarity  The purpose is to valorize the costs to actual (into cost plan)  as from timesheet actual for current project started for 2007  After to have  launch the  different jobs (time slicing,  datamart extraction, rate matrix extraction, import financial job and post to transaction and post to wip)), not all labor transaction entries appear in the post to WIP and so in the cost plan. It lacks of all transaction entries for 2007 year and a part of transaction entries for 2008 year. (please find enclosed  the screen about cost plan and the right results into Workbench to illustrate the issue).  Checked actions :   These missed transactions doesn't appears in invalid transaction tab. It is not a time slicing problem because some transaction entries are posted to wip for other projects on the same dates. it is not a problem of resource settings because  for the same resources there are transaction entries. it is not a problem of  missing charge code.   So do you have met already this problem ?  do you have an idea to solve it ? It is very critical our IT business....  Many thanks in advance,