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Data Integrity - Business Process Error detecting business rule

Question asked by samos on Mar 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2010 by samos
Hi Folks,  I'm in the midst of developing a business rule in the Data Integrity Add-On to detect a Clarity process that has errored out.  Below is my current query / code, but the problem I have with it is that is still reports those process instances that have previously errored out, but are since retried and then succussfully run to completion.  Any ideas on what I should be changing / looking for to correctly match only those processes that are 'currently' errored out, and not those in the past?  I'm on 8.1.1 in Production, and 12.0.5 in development, both running SQLServer.  Cheers,Sam.      1,

from bpm_errors bpme,
bpm_def_step_actions bpmdsa,
bpm_run_step_action_results bpmrsar,
srm_resources srm2,
srm_resources srm3

where bpme.type_code like 'bpm_pmt_error'
and ((bpme.status_code is null) and (bpme.user_action is null))
and bpme.step_action_result_id =
and bpmrsar.status_code like 'bpm_ais_error'
and srm2.user_id = bpme.created_by
and srm3.user_id = bpme.last_updated_by
and = bpme.step_action_id
and = bpmrsar.step_action_id