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Linking 2 Clarity 7.5.3 application servers to a single database.

Question asked by FL_Joan on Mar 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2012 by Dave
This issue is probably easy for some of you but we have never done this yet.   I have a single 7.5.3 application server linking to a single db.   Because I need to change the OS for my 7.5.3 application server I have build a new application server on my new OS.   When I log into the NSA for this new single app server and enter in all the identical db server information and turn on the services I can't get to the new app server log in page.   It says page cannot be displayed.    The obvious steps I am skipping is the DB install, report install and xdm install.   However I don't need to do the db install because teh server I am pointing to has the db installed and running.    I am going to retire my old 7.5.3 app server on a Linux OS eventually, so I'll only need one app server long term.   I know I am missing something what is it?