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Need to retrieve project costs by contractor vs. employee-- drawing a blank

Question asked by vtleogal on Mar 28, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by sundar
I had this working early on in our configurations just as a test to ensure I had my matrix working properly (and I did ) but I cannot remember how in the world I did this!!:womanhappy:     Anyway, without writing NSQL (because I am not at that level yet to write one; I know portlets quite well, just not writing NSQL) how do I get a view (even if on the project level) of the costs on a project broken down by employee vs. contractor. I don't want to do a calculated attribute; I want to use the rate matrix. We have the resource class in the matrix.     I tried the out of the box portlet "project costs by resource" but it yields no data (even showing all, no rows display.) I read the SQL as much as I could but I don't see anything odd.     So can someone refresh my memory on how I do this?   v12 SP04-- SQL environment .   now if someone wants to "share" the NSQL I can create a portlet       Example:     filter on contractor  Project A :  show by resource   Actuals (monthly - which I know how to set up) then Cost (actuals * rate matrix)     same to do by employee   or something similar.. I appreciate your help