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Progress Percent Attribute in Gannt Chart Column Troubles

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Apr 2, 2010
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Dale_Stockman
Hi all.
    I'm having trouble getting anything to show up in Studio as a selection for the   Progress Percent Attribute in virtual Gantt  chart column  in a grid portlet (attached).    What format & data type is this expecting to "see" on the attribute?  From my NSQL I've tried numerics:  t.prpctcompleteand(t.prpctcomplete*100)    ... and I've tried strings:CAST(CAST(t.prpctcomplete*100 AS numeric(10,2)) AS varchar(10))andCAST(CAST(t.prpctcomplete*100 AS numeric(10,2)) AS varchar(10)) + '%'    ... and I'm still not getting a selection.  What am I missing?  If nothing else, if someone can tell me the expected data type and format I can xog out the portlet and put the proper attribute in manually.  Thanks!