Lookup in Project Object

Discussion created by Shruthi on Apr 6, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by Dave
Hi,I am facing a problem with a lookup in the project object.I have a user defined static lookup with values 'active' and 'requested'. The default value is 'requested'.I create a new project with the value as 'active'.Next, I xog it out, remove everything in the xml except the project id and name, change the name of the project and xog it back in.  The name gets updated properly. However my lookup value is changed to 'requested', which is the default.  This is happening with all the user-defined lookups for Project Object. All of them are getting defaulted when i do a xog update of the project. Version - Clarity (SP 6).Can anyone please explain this behavior? Do I need to change any setting in the admin side for the attribute?  Thanksshruthi