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Export OWB plan to MSP or to usable format to MSP

Question asked by vtleogal on Apr 6, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by another_martink
I know I have seen this posted somewhere, but I cannot find it.  Our PMs use OWB; however their external clients use MSP. So the PM needs to share their project plan with the clients (only the tasks that apply to that client, as their are mutliple clients on the plan). How can the PM easily do this? (we are on V12 SP04)  Example in OWB  you might have  Definition & Design     client 1         Task 1         Task 2           Task 3    Client 2           Task 1         Task 2           Task 3  The PM is doubling their work, by managing it in OWB for us and in MSP to extract out those tasks the client needs. I have tried working up where they have a naming convention with the tasks to indicate the client and then set views up accordingly but there are two problems  1. that is VERY tedious.. this is a huge project2. The client still needs MSP as they update their proect  Isn't there a way to somehow export OWB to XML and that then goes to MSP? or did I misread something somewhere? Our PMs are "not allowed" to use MSP.. only OWB. I thought about copying/pasting to Excel to MSP and back then to OWB to update his plan, but that can get really messy.does anyone have any good suggestions on what would make the PM's life easier?   :)  thanksLynn