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Flushing Cache via InvokeAction API

Question asked by SankhadeepDhar on Apr 7, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by SankhadeepDhar
The Clarity Integration Guide mentions that the clarity cache can be flushed via the InvokeAction API.    Below is the example from the guide on how to do that:          Resources  ConfigurationProperties       I want to build a  gel script  within a process which will flush the  Clarity cache on a regular basis (probably a proactive way to keep the system performance high). I however have a few questions about this functionality:  1) Will it flush the cache for the only  a particular app tree or does it flush the cache for all the apps? If I log in to a particular app tree and flush the cache via the URL, does it flush for that app tree or all the trees?  2) The above example, if I remove the group and the id tags, does it do the same action as the 'Flush All' button or the 'Flush Configuration' button?  3) What's the difference between Flush All and Flush Configuration? --> probably this had been answered in some other thread....a mention would be helpful.     Sankhadeep