How many planning iterations before a project is approved within a portfol

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 7, 2010
My company is a new Clarity user and want to utilize the Portfolio Mgmt features to their fullest.   We are thinking about having  3 iterations of portfolio planning.    Level 1 - start off with new "IDEAS" that can be estimated at the aggregate level;Level 2 - convert "IDEAS" to "INVESTMENTS" and capture labor estimates using the role rates and "TO BE NAMED" resources, along with aggregate estimates for non-labor, HW/SW and fixed price contracts; and,Level 3 - convert "INVESTMENTS" to "PROJECTS - PENDING" and do full resource allocations by month to estimate labor and add the details for the other 3 categories of expenses.  I am interested in knowing(a)    Will this approach?   If not why.  (b)   What does your company do in terms of the # of iterations and the information being captured at each of the iterations.