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CREATE WIP ADJUSTMENT does not update timesheets

Question asked by JJHARRELL on Apr 14, 2010
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by nick_darlington
Hi,  Can someone provide information on the CREATE WIP ADJUSTMENT process.   Specifically, I'd like to know how Clarity notes that an adjustment has been made to the original transaction.  HISTORYWe use Timesheets to track billable and non billable hours associated with workefforts.   There are instances where we need to modify the posted transaction (i.e. time should have been billable instead of non-billable).   The "Create WIP Adjustment" feature allows me to select transactions and modify hours, bill type, investment, etc... but it doesn't update the timesheet that originated the transaction.   Am I missing a step??????  Process1) SUBMIT timesheet with transactions2) POST TIMESHEET job is ran3) POST FINANCIAL TO TRANSACTIONS job is ran4) CREATE WIP ADJUSTMENT to correct transaction from the timesheet5) POST FINANCIAL TO TRANSACTIONS job is ran  expected - timesheet would show an adjustment for that transactionactual - timesheet does not show a record that a CREATE WIP ADJUSTMENT was performed  workaround - we open the time period and manually adjust the time sheet then run steps 2 &3.