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How to pass the project id in a attribute(nsql lookup) on Investment object

Question asked by sundar on Apr 16, 2010
Latest reply on May 4, 2010 by ca.portal.admin
Hi gurus,  Currently in all OOB portlets like Hierarchy (Financial Rollup) & portfolio where we can see the Forecasted Cost,Budgeted Cost and Actual Cost.we have 2 plan type under budget plan which is called as Budget & Approved (customized).we differentiate it with an help of an lookup which will say the plan type as Forecast,Budget and Approved.our users want to see the Approved cost also.whatever budget plan cost choosen as Current will be shown as Budgeted Cost in all OOB Portlets.Now our users want me to show our customized Approved Funds Cost in the portlet.  I have created an custom attribute (Lookup - nsql) called "Approved Funds" in Investments object.It is an nsql based lookup which will pick the cost from fin_plans.  SELECT @SELECT:FP.TOTAL_COST:APPROVED_COST@                                  
                            FROM FIN_PLANS FP
                              WHERE ID=5310232
and ((object_id = @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:PROJECTID@) OR (@WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:PROJECTID@ IS NULL))  Note:- Just for testing i have hardcoded the id.  Then after that i assigned this lookup to the custom attribute, now i tried to link the parameter (ProjectID)to the id (internal) of the investment but iam not able to find that in the list.Actually when the attribute iscreated in Investment object only it is appearing in how to pass the project id?.Any help is highly appreciated.pls find enclosed the snapshots.  cheers,sundar