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Timesheets HOURS vs DAYS

Question asked by Dave on Apr 27, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by urmas
 What controls how DAYS are interpreted into HOURS (and utilmately seconds on the database) when I enter a timesheet?    i.e. If I enter a timesheet (with my timesheet "Time Entry Options" set to HOURS) as 7.5; this becomes 7.5 in the slice and 27000 (7.5 * 60 * 60) on the PRTIMEENTRY table.  If I then change my "Time Entry Options" to DAYS and enter "1" day in my timesheet, this ALSO becomes 7.5 in the slice and 27000 on the PRTIMEENTRY.  But what is making that decision that "1 DAY" = "7.5 HOURS"?  I have another system where "1 day" = "8 hours", so this must be configured somewhere?  --  I have tried affecting the timesheet resource's CALENDAR (which affects the D_AVL slice) and the resources "availability" field, but this does not seem to affect how days are interpreted into hours?  What I want to be able to do is make that intepretation user-dependant ; so my "1 day" = 7.5 hours, but my colleagues "1 day" = 8 hours (for example; I have MANY different standard working days to cope with).  --  I'm sure I have looked at this before (with regard to entering time in the TEAM / DETAIL screen) but can't remember the answer!  Thanks!    EDIT : TEC439859 implies it IS just inherited from the resource's calendar (i.e. what I want to happen!), but there was a bug in 7.5.3 with this, may be thats why I am a bit confused at the moment!   Can't see any bugfix history for it either!    EDIT AGAIN : and I've tried this in 8.1 and a colleague in 12 and it always seems to use the base calendar (rather than the resource's) - can anyone confirm that this works "right" in their system?