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Clarity Process Work flow

Question asked by Rish on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 7, 2010 by SankhadeepDhar
I am looking for a process in which i want certain projects code request to be added on resource timesheet should be approved by resource manager.  The process flow should be like this:  User creates and fills up the request in Clarity with the project code info and SUBMITS the request. The moment he/she submits the request an email generates and goes to approver for next action (approver/reject) and also to the requestor as an acknowledgment.
Once the approver APPROVES the request the email goes to admin group to verify the request and add the required project code on resource time sheet.The approver can also rejects the request if he/she does find it appropriate, so here also if approver rejects the request the email goes to requestor that the request is reject and need some more info and needs to re-submit.
Same way the admin group can also reject a request which is in approved state and again it notifies approver.For the successful request that means once the admin group add the require code to the requestor timesheet the status can be marked as COMPELTED.  Above is the scenario i am looking for using a process. Which is the best method to apply this in the system?
Can it be possible using custom object? Or i have to use the Clarity objects for this.  Please let me know if anyone has done this before.