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Does anyone know how overtime rates are calculated?

Question asked by PSchaefer on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 7, 2010 by Owen_R
Hello All!  I searched Google, and this forum unsuccessfully at finding anything on how overtime rates are used in Clarity. I would love to see anything from CA on this, but even the help search returns zero results. Seems odd, but here are my main questions. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!  1. If our rate matrix has our resources at $50 per hour on the standard rate, then zero dollars for the overtime rate, how does Clarity treat that if a resource works 50 hours in a week? Does it use the $50 per hour for the extra 10 hours, or zero?  2. Is overtime calculated weekly >40 hours or daily >8 hours?  Again, thanks for any words of wisdom, much appreciated!  Paul Schaefer