CA Wily Customer Reference Outreach

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Jul 31, 2009
To our valued CA Wily customers, we are glad to
announce a new program that rewards customers when they participate in various
CA Wily initiatives and events such as press releases, analyst calls, success
stories, speaking engagements, etc. Although this program has not yet been
released, we have a very important initiative that we are seeking your participation,
and you will be eligible for the program.


Our goal between now and September 1 is to secure 10
customers that have realized a payback on their CA Wily investment within 12
months. We know that this is the case with many of our customers and we are asking
you to participate by providing a single quote that we can use as part of an
overarching CA press release showing the value of our solution.


Again, if you choose to participate, you will be
eligible to receive points as part of the new reward program. These points can
be used towards cash and technology awards as well as conference passes to CA
World in Las Vegas in May of 2010. If you are interested in participating, we
would very much appreciate your help. Please send an email to me, Mike Malzacher,


Thanks for your consideration â€" I look forward to
hearing from you!