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About the Logging Level.

Question asked by NikhilKotagiri on Dec 15, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2009 by SergioMorales
Hello All,  Previously we confiure our java(jBoss) Agents with the Wily CEM , because of some issues  on the CEM side we set the Logging level of the Agnet to DEBUG.But now we disabled the CEM Properties (commented the CEMtracer.Pbd and ServletHeaderDecorator.pbd in the default-typical.pbl)) in the Agent and we reset the Logging level to INFO, But it is not writing any logifile when we set the logging level to INFO , If we set this property to DEBUG Level its writing Logfile(Only data which is related to CEM) just wondering is there any other properties we have to modify.  I set the logging level of the Agents like the below Syntax.  log4j.logger.IntroscopeAgent=INFO, console, logfile#log4j.logger.IntroscopeAgent=DEBUG, console, logfile.  I dont have any idea why it is not writing any logfile when i set to INFO Level.  Any suggestions please.  Thanks.