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reliable application performance with an automated infrastructure
For your users, access and performance of their applications is where
the “rubber meets the road� … if they are not performing to expectations, then
little else matters.
CA Wily Application Performance Management integrates with CA Spectrum
Automation Manager to automate the provisioning of critical resources needed to
keep your web transactions “business engine� performing at peak efficiency.
Invest an hour and learn how your application performance can be competition
grade… your users will thank you. Join CA Automation experts in this
1-hour live technical webcast Tuesday January 19th at 1:00pm ET as we discuss
the challenges of managing application infrastructures and how you can:
Save Time and Money: Use the unique Self-Service
Reservation Manager capability within CA Spectrum Automation Manager’s to
quickly provision resources for dev, test and QA and streamline the application
development life cycle.
Answer the Question “What’s Changed�: Establish
configuration gold standards and quickly detect, identify and correct changes
that can affect application performance
Run Lean, Perform Right: Use application performance and
infrastructure data to dynamically provision physical, virtual and cloud
resources when needed to achieve optimal performance metrics and reporting

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