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Monitoring the java methods by using the customPBDs

Question asked by NikhilKotagiri on Jan 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2010 by NikhilKotagiri
Hi,  Presently we are monitoring the java methods by using the custompbds.  But the responce time we are getting for one fo the method is very huge. We are trying to dig int o that, when we look the traces of this method it's not showing the full detalis of this method just it's showing the respnce of the method, and implemeted two new PBD to get more info on this even its not showing info in the tracer.We want to know why we are getting highest responce time for this particular method.When coming to the PBDs we generated these by using the YATT,we are able to get more mertics in the findUsersGroup method bt not in updateLoginTime method.For more informaion Please find the attahec PBDs and Screenshot of the tracer, In the screen shot i have marked the two java methods and the trace.Fianlly we want to know why the updateLoginTime method is taking more is really very urgent.  Thanks,Nikhil