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.NET activity could not be found

Question asked by lycohen on Jan 18, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Hiko_Davis
Excuse me if I make a rookie question.
I have a .NET assembly   .The development team swears that they are using this dll in the web application , however I can't find in the autoprobe.log file evidence of the assembly  and the web aplication  is in the  Introscope. So, it can be   measured by Introscppe.I know this simple rule. If     the web application is measured and the dll is a .NET dll ,and it's being used, then the activity can be found in the introscope log. If you can't find   dll activity, then the   dll has not been instanciated or it was not a .NET dll file.Is there a switch out there to restrict (or to include) some dlls from the Investigator or the development team is mistaken and they are not using the dll? Where do you suggest me to start to diagnose what's happening.?  Any idea.?