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Java swing client bandwidth requirement per user

Question asked by avashisht on Mar 9, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by SergioMorales
Hello,  We are in process of deploying Wily AMP solution in our data canter located in Europe; our central Operations is located in US. My concern is that if we have 2-3 introscope swing client connected over a VPN between US office and Europe DC, will use most of that VPN connection. This VPN connection as of now is being used by multiple groups and I will not like to impact them. There is a plan to upgrade this to a dedicated MPLS connection later this year.  so the questions are:   -             Java swing client bandwidth requirement per user?  -             Are There any options that can be set for Swing Client to be WAN aware?  -     What are the implications on Introscope swing client if such option is set?     RegardsAshish Vashisht