Do you want to win an Apple iPad in the CA World 2010 Wily Impact Award co

Discussion created by Darrell_Sandefur on Mar 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by Goran_Morchel
Attention CA World 2010 attendees:
I'm really excited to provide you preliminary information about the Wily Impact Award which includes three great prizes:
1st Place - Apple iPad (yep, that's an "a" not an "o")
2nd Place - Flip MinoHD (yes, that's an "o" not an "i")
3rd Place - Apple iPod Touch

So here's the deal, all of us have done some incredible things and have found innovative ways to use CA Wily products â€" now we want you to share it with all of us at CAW10!

Did you make an impact with Wily? It could be saving time, money, or effort for your organization.   It could also mean that you’re taking your operations to the forefront of progress in IT and it’s just plain cool and creative!   Did you solve a problem or create something incredible using CA Wily Introscope or CEM?   Have you paved the way for significant change in your operations through your innovative use of CA Wily?

Be prepared to tell us all about it in 500 words or less and provide before/after Introscope or CEM screen captures - you just might win a CA Wily Impact Award.   More information is coming soon, so please stay tuned for details including where you can submit entries.