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Overview tab and custom backends

Question asked by JohnGregg on Apr 7, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by Hiko_Davis
All,  My system makes a lot of backend web service calls.   I've created a custom pbd for them like this:  SetFlag: FOO
IdentifyMatchingClassesAs:*SoapBindingStub FOO
TraceComplexMethodsIfFlagged: FOO BackendMarker "Backends|FOO|{packageandclassname}|{method}"
TurnOn: FOO  This mostly works the way I want.   I see the 5 backend metrics exactly where I expect.   However what I don't see but would like is useful content in the Overview tab, like I get with my out-of-the-box Oracle backend config and what I get with the custom url groups I get for the frontend.   As it is now, for my custom backends, I get the 5 graphs on the Overview tab, but they're blank.   If I choose the packandclassname or method nodes, I just get the string metric name.  Is there a way to beef this up?  This is with 8.0.2.  thanks  john