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WILY Introscope + SPECTRUM integration?

Question asked by sbastine on Apr 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by arunabho
hi  i am trying to integrate wily and spectrum, for the time being am unable to integrate them.  the software and stepws i am doing are as follows,  machine 1: Wily Introscope 8.1.2machine 2: SPECTRUM 9.1  steps according to wily/spectrum integraton guide,  step 1: Configure the Trap Generation Plugin on the Introscope Enterprise Manager.step 2: Configure WebServices on the Introscope Enterprise Managerstep 3: Configure SPECTRUM  as far as step 1 and 3 are concirned i am doing what documentation says to me but in step 2, i am not being able to do it as it says, "See the Wily Introscope WebServices Guide for information about configuring web services on the Enterprise Manager."  now there is no 'Wily introscope WebServices Guide' as far as i searched, may be i wasnt able to search that but i am sure that i am missing 'step 2' in my configurations.  could anybody pass through that integration phase. i will be very thankful for the help.  thanks and regards.  sbastine.