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Cloud Monitor Only HTTP Samplers Supported

Question asked by James.Sweeney on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by eigda01

I was creating a Cloud Monitor Jmeter script to be able to upload a file using FTP, and another to download a file using FTP, to create a synthetic check for our FTP Site.


I'm getting this error.

  • The monitor seems to return an error. We suggest you close this dialog and configure the monitor correctly. Alternatively, you can test again or ignore the error and continue anyway.


Description:7018: Only HTTP samplers supported


Does anyone have any type of alternative?  It looks like Cloud Monitor will not allow this.


I could create a regular FTP monitor, but it looks like all it does is check the connection to the site.  I wouldn't be able to see how fast or slow it is to download and upload files using FTP.