CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: How to XOG out Task Dependencies

Discussion created by Robert_Balagot Employee on Jun 24, 2014
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In order to XOG out Task Dependencies, tasks must have a task id on it.


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XML Open Gateway Developer Guide

CA Clarity™ PPM

Release 13.3.00


PRTask Schema Tag


This tag is part of the inbound schema mapping for the Project XOG object. PRTeam is populated when you staff a resource to a project.


This tag uses the PRTask table, which can have 0 to many records and where PRTask.prProjectID = PRJ_PROJECTS.prID.


The Task (PRTask) schema tag has the following attributes:



    Optional. Defines the unique identifier for the task. Required, if referenced by Relation tag or as a sub-project.

    Table and Column: PRTask.prExternalID

    Type: String