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How to delete CEM user groups?

Question asked by bwcole on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by bwcole

We have over 374k users within the "New Users" User Groups.  Within the APM Status Console the MOM has an error:

"Maximum number of monitored application users display limit reached on EM <host>@5001.  [Actual Value: 374,885/ Threshold : 1,000].


Found the same number within CEM - Administration - User Groups.  When I attempt to delete the "New Users", get an error "Error: The User Group "New Users" cannot be deleted."


When I attempt to go into the New User group and delete a single user or all users, the CEM console does not return or refresh with the changes.


Could I access the postgresql APM DB directly and delete the users with an SQL statement or is that not really advisible due to the inter-relationship between the user groups and Business Applciation/Business Services/Business transactions?


I've got a support case opened and wanted to see if anyone in the community might be able to help.