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Mass Deployion MSP Interface and Schedule Connect Components With Marimba

Question asked by Raul_ML on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by urmas

I am currently trying to package up the connectors to deploy to about 1200 users company wide, the tool we are using to deploy this software is BMC Marimba, however it appears that the security settings with windows 7 are not allowing marimba to fully execute the installtion files in order to get loaded into these users machines. I spoke to the software engineering team that created the image for the windows 7 being loaded on all the machines and they are asking for the minimum admin requirements in order to install this software into a machine. When i went to CA they are telling me that one needs full admin rights to install the software, however this does not apply to a system install, which is being executed by a deployment tool such as Marimba. Would anyone have any tips or feedback on the requirements needed for the connectors  to be successfully deployed to a windows 7 machine. Any help would be appreciated. ThanKS!