APM Top 20 Accessed Documents and KBs for June

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APM Top 20 Accessed KB Articles and Documents for June 2014
1. CA Application Performance Management Release Notes (9.5) (m003841e) https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/openFilehttps:/support.ca.com/cadocs/1/m003841e.pdf
2. CA Application Performance Management Release Notes (9.5) (m003711e) https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/openFilehttps:/support.ca.com/cadocs/1/m003711e.pdf
3. CA Application Performance Management Release Notes (Japanese) (m003841j) https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/openFilehttps:/support.ca.com/cadocs/1/m003841j.pdf
4. CA Application Performance Management Release Notes (9.5) (m003731e) https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/openFilehttps:/support.ca.com/cadocs/1/m003731e.pdf

KB Articles
1. Technical Advisory: Workstation Web Start Client Fails to Start with Java 7 Update 45 (Java 1.7.0_45), Java 6 Update 65 (Java 1.6.0_65), and Java 5 Update 55 (Java 1.5.0_55)
Description: CA Technologies has identified a potential issue with the CA APM/Introscope Workstation Web Start client with Java 7 Update 45 (Java 1.7.0_45), Java 6 Update 65 (Java 1.6.0_65) and Java 5 Update 55 (Java 1.5.0_55). This technical advisory describes the affected versions and platforms in more detail, and explains the workarounds or remediation actions that are recommended to prevent this issue from impacting your usage of CA APM.

2. Using Web Start Workstation with Java 7 u51 (Java7u51, Java 1.7.0_51-b13)
Description: A Technical Advisory has been issued to address problems starting the APM Web Start Workstation. The Advisory allows users to run the Web Start workstation with Java 7 u45, but does not work with Java 7 u51. This article updates the Advisory to allow users to run the Web Start workstation with the enhanced security present in Java 7 u51 and above by taking the additional step of reducing the Security Level from High to Medium.

3. What is the difference between the files Agent.jar, AgentNoRedef.jar, AgentNoRetrans.jar, AgentNoRedefNoRetrans.jar?
Description: None

4. About Introscope Agent Overhead
Description: How does the Agent overhead distinct?
What is the methodology for measuring the Agent Overhead?
Where does this overhead come from?
How can one control this overhead?

5. Does APM 9.1 have support for WebLogic 12 and JBoss 7 using JRE 1.7?
Description: WebLogic 12 and JBoss 7 are supported on JRE 1.7 by APM 9.1+

6. High CPU Consumption, AppMapAlertStateNotificationManager
Description: AppMapAlertStateNotificationManager is lagging behind the harvest cycle.

7. How to download APM Software from support.ca.com
Description: None

8. INFO Message: introscope.agent.crossprocess.sequenceid.maxlimit set to default value of "32"" repeating in Agent Logs
Description: This article will discuss a workaround to address a known issue in which the message: introscope.agent.crossprocess.sequenceid.maxlimit set to default value of "32"" is repeated in Agent Logs

9. Installing .NET Agent for 64-bit .NET Applications on Windows Server 2008 R2 using NoInstaller File
Description: Installing NET Agent for 64 bit NET Applications on Windows Server 2008 R2 using NoInstaller File

10. Purging Smartstor metadata - APM 9.1 vs. 9.5 differences
Description: There are differences in how metadata is handled by Smartstor between APM 9.1 and APM 9.5.

11. SERVICE PACK::9.1.5
Description: What is fixed in 9.1.5

12. SIB Services Node is not displayed in Investigator
You are not able to see the SIB Service node in Investigator.

First check the following:

The custom service is configured properly. Check the custom service classpath which contains the location of the JAR file.
Service Integrated Bus (SIBus) is configured in IBM WebSphere Application Server.
SIB Service should be enabled to start at WebSphere Application Server startup.

13. Which APM CE (CEM) Recording Mechanism should I use?
Description: The following is a decision-tree matrix to assist in choosing which recording mechanism should be used for various situations.

14. Which APM CE Recording mechanism should I use?
Description: There are multiple APM recording mechanisms (manual, Advanced Recorder, Script Recorder, Transaction Discovery) . Which is the best to use for various situations?