CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: How to increase the OBS width so that the whole path is shown in the object edit view

Discussion created by Robert_Balagot Employee on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by myoung5000

All fields in the section "Organizational Breakdown Structures" in the project main properties page and also in the resource main properties page are shorter (display) than in the previous version of Clarity.  To increase the OBS field's width you will have to edit the default UI Theme as follows:


1.  Open Administration, Studio, UI Themes

2.  Copy the CSS setting of your current default theme

3.  Create a new Theme and paste the CSS setting copied from default

4.  Add the following lines to the bottom of theme


input[auto_setupfunction="obsAutosuggest"] {

width: 400px;


input[auto_setupfunction="obsDepartmentAutosuggest"] {

width: 400px;



5.  Make this new Theme as your default Theme

6.  To see the changes, you may have to log out the application or close browser session to remove the browser cache


A copy of this this information is available in TEC613719