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"Unable to proceed.  Failed to access configuration information." while accessing FSS Admin UI

Question asked by ritu.sinha on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by JPerlmutter

I have setup Policy Server with Microsoft IIS, on accessing FSS Admin UI the "Downloading Administration Applet.." screen never completes download. On trying to run smadmin.exe I get this error-Status:



Status: 200 OK

Content-Type: text/html





<HTML><HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" CONTENT="0"><TITLE>SiteMinder</TITLE></HEAD><BODY bgcolor="#ffffcc"><SCRIPT>

var message = "Unable to proceed.  Failed to access configuration information.";

if ("SunOS") != -1) {


} else {


}"/siteminder/smadmin_close.html", "_top");




I have set these two environment variables- SM_ADM_TCP_PORT and SM_ADM_UDP_PORT to 44444. Anything I am missing here?