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Problem installing Postgres9 on windows

Question asked by Stig_Skilbred Employee on Jul 16, 2014

Hi all!

Today I’ve installed the new version – yay!! And I thought I’d share a “minor” problem I had during installation. I might not be the only one having that issue…


So, the problem was that the installer ended with an error, telling me that the database can’t be installed. The first error pop-up message was regarding “Microsoft VC++ runtime installer”. It disappeared after a couple of seconds. In the log file (install/schematools.log), I had either a db connection error or an authentication error.

The event log revealed some issues regarding the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup” package.

In the end, downloading and installing this package manually, solved the problem. Here is the link for the download:


So with this, happy installing and a great rest of the week