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Input parameters not working on Update in Database operator

Question asked by heidi.johnson on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by ahrjo01

I've used the Query Database operator with input parameters successfully before am currently having trouble getting the Update in Database operator to work.  I am trying to update the change order table for Service desk in the mdb.  In this update statement I simply want to change the type for a given change order.


update chg

set chgtype = '300'

where chg_ref_num = ?


The update statement works if I run it in SQL giving the chg_ref_num


update chg

set chgtype = '300'

where chg_ref_num = '462960'


But if I use an input parameter of Process.test where I set the variable to 462960, I receive an error 'the value is not set for the parameter number 1'.


The JDBCInputParamArray shows it bringing in the variable correctly.



Any ideas?