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Rearranging Buttons

Question asked by stephen_floyd on Jul 23, 2014
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Hi All


I thought I posted this yesterday but I can't see it (do we not an email anymore).  Anyway I was wondering if it is possible to rearrange button on Clarity 13.3. When some of our super users create projects from a Template they accidently click the 'Return' button instead of 'Next'. Is it possible to move the 'Next' button 1st?




Also while we are on the subject of Buttons is there a way we can remove/hide a button. In the Idea functionality the 'Submit for Approval' button is causing us a few problems. We would like to remove/hide it. The project office use the Status Value 'Submit for Approval so they can select other other values, 'Approved' 'Rejected' etc.