Tuesday Tip: (CA IDMS) New 18.5 Feature - Canceling Of Tasks on Remote CVs

Discussion created by Eddy_G Employee on Jul 30, 2014

CA IDMS Tuesday Tip by Edward Gorga, Principal Support Engineer for July 29, 2014


New features were introduced in CA IDMS 18.5 in July 2014 with PTFs RO71145, RO71146 and RO71147.

  • SQL Web Connect for z/VSE
  • Canceling Tasks on Remote CVs
  • PassTicket Support
  • DMLO Batch CLIST Processing
  • MEMORY CACHE in 64-bit Storage Space for z/VSE

For documentation on the new features see the IDMS Releae Notes 18.5.00, 2nd Edition in section New Features for Second Edition Release (July 2014)


The canceling of tasks on remote CVs is only for z/OS. It allows you to cancel an active task executing on a remote CV from the  Realtime Monitor Active User Task Detail (PF4) screen. One of the requirements for using this feature is to set up security definition to grant users permission to cancel tasks. There are two knowledge documents which contain information on how to set this up:

TEC610107 How to set up RACF definitions to allow canceling a remote CA IDMS task

TEC610108 How to set up ACF2 definitions to allow canceling a remote CA IDMS task