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Does Lisa support SAP PI message middleware?

Question asked by baiya02 Employee on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by Chris_Kraus

One insurance customer adopt SAP as ERP system. They ask us whether Lisa can support SAP PI. I know Lisa support JCO RFC and IDOC, and it should work to use JCO IDOC/RFC protocol to build up service image to instead of SAP side. But I am afraid it should not work to virtualize the business logic via PI. Who could help to answer whether LISA support PI? If yes, any docs or reference can be provided?

The customer scenario is like below,

SAP system using PI to exchange data to non-SAP system. For the SAP side and non-SAP side, do we support both side service virtualization or just one side or no support for it.