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Gel Script to download the File

Question asked by Syed_Moin on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by gcubed

Hello All,


We are trying to download the file from a Remote Server using the below Gel Script. We have uploaded the file into the remote server but script fails with file does not exist error.


But we have verified that the file is present on the remote server.


GEL Script ::








<ftp:open hostName="hostname" user="userid" password="password">

<gel:out>"Logged In"</gel:out>

<core:catch var="exception">

<ftp:get fileName="filename.txt" remoteDir="/outbox" localDir="/home/local/"/>

<gel:out>"Accessed the file"</gel:out>

<file:readFile delimiter="~" embedded="false" inputVar="${fileRecd}" var="v_csvInMem"/>


     <core:if test="${exception != null}">

    <gel:out>Caught Exception was:







The same above script is working fine on the E1 environment but the script is failing in E0. We have validated the access of the ids of E0 and E1 to be same.


Kindly share your thoughts ..