Labor Capitalization - reducing Charge Code designation errors in Clarity

Discussion created by ZebGeary on Aug 12, 2014

Hi All,


We are looking to improve the accuracy or our Labor Capitalization by reducing the number of cap/op designation errors within our project WBSs.  I'm hoping existing users may have some insight into how they manage capitalization within their projects to spark ideas for us.


Currently, for projects with capitalizable work, our Accounting team will review the WBS and ensure each task's Charge Code setting is correct (we use Capital/Operating).  Accounting applies a number of rules to determine the Charge Code value (e.g., the use of a key word within the task name and the phase to which the task belongs). !

The issue we have is that Accounting must perform on-going maintenance to find incorrectly designated tasks, which they do find as tasks are added to projects, task names are changed, and/or Charge Code values are changed.


We are investigating process solution options, training, tool configuration, etc (open to it all).  We would like to learn about other experiences in the Clarity world to help inform our solution.  For example, we were able to learn that another client has addressed this using WBS templates and having task Charge Code configured as an Enter Once field.  They also encouraged strong engagement by the PM with their Finance resource and Accounting.  Hoping to gain more ideas like this or even thoughts on this approach.


Any input is greatly appreciated!