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APM 9.6 Application Triage Map Improvements - documentation

Question asked by bwcole on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by bwcole

In one of the 9.6 APM announcements there was mention of the following:


Application Triage Map Improvements


The new triage map improvements enable better triage through a new feature called

Component Mapping.  Now, you can provide a user-defined name for a common group

of backend socket calls (e.g., SAP ABAP) in order to simplify analysis and problem




Can anyone provide any insight or where this feature is documented so I can figure out what it does and it we can <mis>use the feature to provide a way to provide some method of grouping the "By Front End" application names?


Currently our web applications web contexts are not standardized so we have some that start lower case, other that are upper case which puts a lower case A at the middle of the list after the capital M which makes a difficult 100+ listing even less user friendly.