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Assistance required - GEL script for a text attribute

Question asked by MatthewPalicki on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by Dave

Hoping someone in the Communities can offer some help. I do not know GEL Script at all, but I know enough to know it is probably the solution I need in my particular predicament, and I believe it would be a very simple script.


What I'm seeking is a GEL script that will do the following:


(Where "Attribute A" is a large string attribute on the Project Object and

Where "Attribute B" is a string attribute on the Project Object)


Set value of "Attribute A" = (Previous Value of Attribute A) + Current_User + Current Date + (value of Attribute B)

then Set value of "Attribute B" = null


Then I would create a process that will run this resulting script.


The idea being that the customer wishes to maintain one attribute that is a running "comments log" (Attribute A) on an individual project instance. Allowing them to enter in a new comment periodically (Attribute B) which will be appended to the end of the log. I'm told that it may be an issue mixing a Large String type and a String type attribute. If that's the case, I can make them both String types, and we will just have to live within the 2000 character limit.


Really hoping someone can help me here. It would provide a relatively simple solution to something which has turned out to be a very complex and burdensome customer requirement.