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Skills - XOG Read

Question asked by bluefish_Clarity on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by Georgy N Joseph

Hello All,


While XOGing out skills,


  <!-- The filter will work in the following way:
            top level matching skills, then from these skills recursively get their matching child skills

            e.g. full list in the system:
                      skill1  active  parent: none
                      skill11  inactive  parent: skill1
                      skill111  active  parent: skill11
                      UI active  parent: none
                  1) if filter is isActive=true         
                  then only skill1 will be returned although skill111 is also active
                  2) if filter is skillName=UI
                  then UI will be returned
                  3) if UI has a parent like "UI active  parent: skill1" in the system
                  and filter skillName=UI
                  then no skills will be returned.


Does this work ? It's not recursively xogging out skills. Is this a known defect ? It would be great if someone can throw some light on this.