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Javascript Process Hangs

Question asked by paimon.soror Champion on Sep 4, 2014
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We recently started noticing an issue with a Javascript operator in one of our PAM processes.  The operation itself is not too expensive:


Source Code

//create a resource in close queue for this ticket and lock the resource

logEvent(1,"CUSTOM","Adjusting The Resource Value For: " + Process.troubleTicket);

var create = adjustResourceVals(Process.SAMCloseQueue, Process.troubleTicket, 0, 0, false, false, false);

logEvent(1,"CUSTOM","Resource Adjusted, response value: " + create);

//check if resource was created successfully, else exit with failure

if(!create) {

  Process.errorMessage = "CloseTicket: Gateway Close Queue resource object creation failed";

  Process.UserInstName = Process.troubleTicket + ": CloseResourceCreateFailed";

  CustomResult = -101;


} else {

  Process.createResource = true;

  Process.UserInstName = Process.troubleTicket + ": CloseResourceCreated";



Post Execution Code

logEvent(1,"CUSTOM","Resource Creation Complete");


I have taken a look at the logs and the process prints out "Resource Adjusted response value:" but I never see it print "Resource Creation Complete".  It seems like the process is hung in the middle of the actual source code.  This causes the entire process to hang until someone manually aborts it.  Is there any way to debug this further, or any idea as to what is going on.  This causes a business critical outage as it starts to queue up more and more processes over time