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Pass attribute from Select_Object to Get_Object

Question asked by MattyIce on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by MattyIce

We have a process set up to select an attribute from a Change order and then pass that to a Get_Object operator in order to retrieve an attribute from Novell eDirectory.  The Select_Object retrieves from the change order and the Get_Object uses that attribute to pull the Authorized individual coordinator for that specific CostCenter.   


If I manually enter the cost center into the retrieve filter of the Get_Object operator, I can see the Authorized individual for that cost center.  So I know it can communicate with the eDirectory.



When I attempt to use the retrieve filter via Select_Object_1 dataset nothing is being returned.



Have also tried using the applyXPath method.  The process completes but nothing shows under RetrieveObjects. Please assist.