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ave Thread leak in  9.5.2 agent on JBOSS 5.1

Question asked by Russ_Russell on Sep 10, 2014

I have a CA support ticket open on this as well but was wondering if anyone else has seen a similar issue.


I recently upgraded some of my JBOSS 5.1 applications running on Linux from Introscope 8.2 to CA APM 9.5. Since then I've noticed what looks to be a thread leak of some sort as the active threads just grow without bounds until the JVM is recycled. I am not seeing this on other application servers (WAS or Tomcat for example) and I did not see this before upgrading from 8.2, as you can see from the screenshots below. Again, just curious if anyone out there has seen this behaviour as I work through the official CA ticket.


8.2 before upgrade:




9.5.2 after upgrade