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What is there in ITPAM Agent?

Question asked by Sandeep Bhutani on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by MWNiebuhr

I just want to know the functionality and capabilities of ITPAM agent. For example, if I run a javascript operator on an agent, then javascript will be executed on that agent. It means, there is a javascript parser engine exists with an agent. Another example, if I execute a Invoke_SOAP_Method on a target agent, how it would be executed on target client box.

I think there are java jar files having such capabilities (found under - C:\Program Files\CA\PAM Agent\PAMAgent\.c2orepository\.c2oservicesresources\lib). If my assumption is correct, then what is the list of capabilities an agent has and how these capabilities are extended (means creating a new operator that will execute something new that an agent does not support) ?