AdminUI :: Certificate : Attribute Format

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Sep 12, 2014

Problem :


Inserting a new Certificate in the Certificate Store using the AdminUI, the operation fails with error :


16:53:56,349 ERROR [FedPkiKeyStore] **ERROR** commiting keystore

change for alias infdsdbf01.


Caused by: com.rsa.certj.cert.NameException: PrintableString expected.


Solution :


You have to set the serialNumber as PrintableString and not UTF8String


Restrictions of the RFC 5280 :


-- Naming attributes of type X520SerialNumber


id-at-serialNumber      AttributeType ::= { id-at 5 }

X520SerialNumber ::=    PrintableString (SIZE (1..ub-serial-number))