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Does SmartStorTools "PRUNE" work as documented for anyone else?  My PRUNE seems to work like REMOVE_METRICS...

Question asked by jmcdo on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2014 by KulbirNijjer

Prior to running PRUNE, I ran TEST_REGEX twice, once for -agents ".*" and once for -metrics ".*", storing the results in text files.  I also executed and saved to file "dir /S ../data" to a file as well.


Then I executed PRUNE.


Then I ran the TEST_REGEX's again, as well as the DIR command, so I could compare the output.


Comparing the Pre and Post TEST_REGEX files gave identical files.


Even the metrics.metadata file matched.  However, the metrics.metadata in the -DEST directory was smaller.  But the data files all seem to be the same


So it seems that PRUNE gave me an updated metrics.metadata in my -DEST directory and did not delete any actual data in any data files (based on the fact that all DATA files have the same size in all directories).



Is anyone else experiencing this?