Naveen Kumar Challagulla

Need pointers for Triggering event On Addition of Resource to Team Tab of Project

Discussion created by Naveen Kumar Challagulla on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by Chris_Hackett

Hi All


     I am working in clarity PPM 13.2 On demand environment. We observed that there is no
direct trigger event for  Team Object as it cannot be add as Primary
object to the process. But we have one situation which requires to trigger the
process on addition of resource to the project Team Tab.


     We are looking for a triggering event or Some work around which can trigger
process on addition of Resource to the Team tab of a project. 


Already tried work around of having job running with some frequency (say 1 hour) to check whether resource is added or not. But it will increase the load and it didn't give exactly what we looking for.

We need some triggering event which can trigger immediately on addition of resource to team.



Please suggest some pointers for above problem.